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Fall Highlights


One of the highlights of 2017 was our annual banquet where we heard the inspiring and courageous testimony of Greta Guldseth who chose adoption for her baby. Here are portions of her talk...

My parents found out about my pregnancy at the same time I did. We were in the hospital due to the extreme sickness and horrible symptoms I was feeling from the pregnancy that I didn’t at the time know about. I will never forget the mood shift in the room as the nurse left my parents and I with the shocking news: “Your 16 year old daughter is pregnant.”

As shock hit, and confusion struck, we were all stuck, motionless, speechless on what the next move was. We weren’t expecting this, and to say the least, we were in a crisis. 

My family and I visited Amnion THE NEXT DAY...still in shock, a little bit of denial, and speechless. It was there that we were welcomed with open arms, no judgement, and many answers to questions that we couldn’t believe we were asking. I went into Amnion wanting an abortion that day, and today I stand in front of you with a 4 year old, beautiful daughter named Anagret.

There were a lot of difficult decisions and emotions that led me from wanting an abortion that day, to making the choice to place my daughter for adoption. My heart changed and my wall came down, and I knew that the baby in my tummy was a blessing, and it was not my place to take that baby’s life from her, him, me, my family, or any of the families who would have gone to the ends of this earth to raise my baby!

Thank you for making it possible for us to minister to Greta and to those in similar situations. Through our generous and faithful supporters, we raised $128,000 at the banquet.


Faithful supporters of our ministry have graciously donated a year end gift of $30,000 and we are challenging ourselves to match it. Donations will be used to refresh our resources and facilities to better serve our clients. Click here to donate.

You are invited to Amnion’s annual Open House on Sunday, January 21, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Enjoy lunch on us, tour the center, meet the staff, and learn more about the ministry of Amnion.

Our Baby Bottle For Life campaign is a great way to help raise money for Amnion. Click here for more details.

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